Willow Wildlife Rescue is a family run unit caring for injured or sick hedgehogs

We're Pat and Eddie, who run Willow Wildlife Hedgehog Rescue. Unfortunately, due to age, we're no longer able to come out and collect sick and injured hedgehogs or other animals but can offer free advice and other useful information regarding how to deal with any animal you've found. We are also still able to care for a number of hedgehogs at our home if you're able to bring them to us. However, pleaase be aware that we can now ONLY accept hedgehogs and not any animals.


We are self-funded, relying on fny donations made by people that we are able to help. The money raised is spent on vet bills, food and medication for the hedgehogs that we care for until they are fit and able to be released back into the wild where they belong.


Please click here to make a donation.