Willow Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity run by husband and wife team Eddie and Pat Williams from their home in Chislehurst in Kent.

Important update - Please read

We're sorry to tell you that we can no longer operate the ambulance service that has been running 24/7 for the past 28 years so we cannot respond to calls for the collection of foxes, badgers, or any creatures that people are unable to bring to us. This is due to the lack of funds and old age catching up with us!! However, you can still bring animals to us.

More about what we're currently doing

We would like to say ‘Hello’ to all the kind folks that have continued to support us through thick and thin over the past 28 years !! The past two years have been particularly difficult for us in many ways.

Funds seem to be harder to come by and we are getting older as was our ambulance, which had to go to the big scrapyard in the sky as costs of repair were not realistic. Eddie had some health issues which made it advisable not to drive; at least that’s what the medics told him, much to his disgust! At last, technology stepped in and he is now a ‘bionic man’ but still not driving, nor likely to be in the future.

We have had to redefine the way we do things and what we do. We are still taking in any small creatures that are brought to our door, caring for them and rehabilitating them if possible, and then returning them to their home in the wild. Much as he might want to, Eddie can no longer outrun a fox but we can still supply a remedy for people to treat ‘their’ fox with the mange or even limping with a sore leg or foot if they come to collect it from us... (the people that is!).

Apart from the injured garden and water birds that arrive at the door, our main guests are poorly hedgehogs which just keep coming as the changes in our weather are making life very difficult for our prickly friends. Over the winter of 2019/2020, we overwintered 30 hedgehogs, underweight juveniles, or injured adults most of which have gone home again now apart from several blind hogs who would need to live in an enclosed garden, fed and given TLC. We would love to hear from anyone that has a totally enclosed garden and be prepared to care for one or two of these unlucky prickly ones who would not survive in the wild.

Apart from these many hogs have not been so fortunate their injuries, most inflicted by human carelessness especially the use of garden strimmers, have been too severe and they have needed to be euthanised, the last act of kindness that we could perform for them to relieve their suffering.

Although our main aim has always been to help wildlife, we find it impossible to refuse to help any creature if we possibly can (as a family we have four rescued dogs living in our home with us that have turned up at our door, not microchipped). Also about 12 years ago we responded to a call in the middle of the night for a totally collapsed pony in the road which we obviously picked up and still have in our ’care for life’.



Over the years more needy equines have been taken in and now sanctuary is given to over 25 horses or ponies that are not suitable to be put on loan because of various health issues and WWR (Willow Wildlife Rescue) pays the rent for the yard they are kept in. The horses are cared for and most of their food paid for by our daughter and granddaughter who is also a Trustee of WWR. The costs associated with equine care are pretty steep and as a family, we struggle to meet the bills. Perhaps we should be called Willow Wildlife’s Hogs & Horses and attempt to raise the funds to include all of the equine care!!

At present, the sanctuary is associated with Willow Wildlife as the first 5 or 6 ponies were rescued by WW but as the calls kept coming and, as Chloe became known for her passion for and knowledge of equines, she took over that side of the rescues.

The Sanctuary is called ‘P.I.N.K. Equine Sanctuary & Animal Rescue’ (Protect.Inspire.Nurture.Kindness.) as ideally it would be a separate charity but money in the bank is required to set up a new charity so we give as much support as we can in these difficult times and hope for better times soon.!

We know that some of our supporters may not be ‘horsey’ but we hope that they will still feel able to continue their much-valued support to include the ponies and perhaps a few horse lovers may consider joining them in making donations.


Hedgehog helpline and rescue: 07858 227 337