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Willow Wildlife Rescue | Wildlife Rescue Service in Chislehurst, Kent

Willow Wildlife Rescue | Wild animal rescue in Chislehurst, Kent

Welcome to Willow Wildlife Rescue

Willow Wildlife Rescue is run by husband and wife team Eddie and Pat Williams from their home in Chislehurst in Kent.

Eddie drives the ambulance responding to calls from members of the public, vets, park rangers and other animal agencies who are unable to cover the call themselves. We are able to respond to calls in most areas of South East London and Kent as far as Maidstone, although we have been known to go further when no one else is available. The ambulance carries numerous cages and boxes, nets etc. to enable it to deal with any type of wildlife casualty. It also carries homoeopathic remedies to enable animals to be treated for shock, trauma and life-threatening bleeding as soon as it arrives at the scene. If necessary the animals are treated by our vet and then taken home to be cared for in our well-equipped unit. We use complementary medicine including homoeopathy, Bach Flower remedies and aromatherapy which all work very well for animals.

On average we bring in and treat between three and five hundred creatures a year as well as treating many others in the wild by providing homoeopathic remedies to treat injuries and manage when people are prepared to put the remedies out for “their animals”, thus eliminating the stress of capture. As homoeopathy will not harm any other animal should they pick it up this does not pose any problem, except for the animal that should have taken it.

In order to be able to continue with our work we have to raise money by selling things at fêtes and garden shows, putting collecting tins in vets and pet shops and we are always grateful for donations given to us by people we have been able to help.

As we are now both retired we ar able to treat, care for and clean out the animals that we have in, although often it is a full-time job. It would be nice if there was a volunteer handyman out there somewhere that could help with the maintenance of sheds, hutches and pens as there never seems to be enough hoursin the day to do this as well. Also it is always a problem finding suitable release sites for our “families” of rescued fox cubs, semi-rural gardens backing onto open land or privately owned pieces of land in “safe” areas are usually suitable with people that are willing to feed the cubs every night for about six weeks.

Emergency ambulance number: 07956 472 284


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